Location Machine Learning

Technological developments transform locational data into predictive intelligence. Taller Innovación Abierta has developed a series of algorithms to use that locational data to find patterns, estimations and statistics.

The steps to find those patterns and similarities, and transform them into reliable predictions are the followings:

  • Identify and classify destinations.
  • Dismiss the useless data.
  • Separate origin and ending location.
  • Categorize each location by comparing with other existing data.
  • Create a network of common locations, for mapping them in an easy and understandable way.

However, the analysis of locational data requires the ability to process large amounts of data; in Taller Innovación Abierta we apply advanced statistical algorithms combined with historical data to simplify and uncover the significant statistics.

We continuously collect a great number of data from activities, locations, demographics, and other variables to find trends in the most precise way possible. With more information and time reviewing the data we can deliver a better understanding of the world market and predict the consequences of actions.