Taller Innovación Abierta is a company that collects and analyzes situational data to track and map a global diagnostic. Using real-time data of historical stances we are able to render predictive and classify analytics across multiple industries.

In order to help our clients understand our processes and anticipate their needs, we gather data in real-time using different sensors and devices. Utilizing GPS and Wi-Fi we are able to analyze this real-time data for our clientele. The result of this analysis is a highly detailed picture of each location at any given time.

Our company consists of small, invested, high-functioning teams of entrepreneurs, architects, scientists, software developers and business professionals. Numerous achievements and client referrals demonstrates our teams working collaboration with client desires by establishing a dedicated team capable of solving complex business problems constructively and efficiently.

After years of practice designing new solutions we can apply a for-sight to everything we do; implementing our experience provided by previous ventures. We are led by an executive team with wide-ranging business experience and a vision for the future, aided by a respectful working environment and culture awareness, we implement a positive partnership with our clientele.